Get Right: Three Tips for a Happy Gut

In a society that loves its convenience and creature comforts, it’s far too easy to load up junk. From fast food stops to synthetic energy boosters, your gut becomes overwhelmed before you’ve realized a difference. A few changes at a time can go a long way - so don’t get started!

Here are three easy ways to cut back on unnecessary ingredients and keep your gut happy.

#1 Quit Soda

There’s only two options here and neither are good. Regular sodas boast outrageous amounts of sugar, while diet sodas use a synthetic substitute called aspartame - which has numerous accusations of being cancer-causing. Both versions can aid in weight gain and the development of diabetes. More than that - they can be addicting and cause withdrawal symptoms like caffeine headaches.

While sugar is naturally occurring in fruit, additional sugars in other products should be avoided as much as possible, even if they are “pure,” “natural” or “organic.” They can be a major culprit for bloating, joint aches, skin issues, and poor energy levels.

#2 Take Medicine Only When Necessary

Antibiotics are a wonderful resource when necessary. However, they are exactly that - ANTImicrobial. This means they kill bacteria - without deciphering between good and bad!

Good bacteria are key to a healthy gut and the absence of them leads to a host of issues including weak immune system. Overuse of antibiotics make your body resistant to once effective treatments, making certain infections more dangerous.

#3 Introduce Probiotics

Probiotics are live cultures and help to create a healthy environment for good gut flora.

Talk to your doctor about the right amount from you in supplement form. Other great sources:








Aged Cheese







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