Inflammation: Causes and Quick Fixes

We all deal with an ache here and there, but inflammation is not something to glaze over. When a part of your body experiences discomfort and swelling - it’s trying to warn you that something’s off! Whether an acute flare up like a twisted ankle, or an underlying problem like high blood pressure, it’s important to know the cause and start healing right away.


Problem Gut

Are you bloated and gassy? Battling indigestion after every meal? These are good indicators that you may have an inflammation issue. Most Americans either have at one point, or are currently dealing with leaky gut syndrome, which can create all sorts of problems - from a simple stomach ache to gluten intolerance. When left unattended, inflammtion can result in other areas of the body.

Heightened Allergies

Commercials blame it on every tree, flower and pet known to creation. But your chronic sneezing and wheezing may really be a form of overreaction to natural stimulants. Allergies can technically be an autoimmune repsponse to under-the-radar causes in your system. If you notice outward irritations on your skin such as hives or eczema, these too can indicate something more serious like diabetes or cardiovascular disease.

Spare Tire

Huh? We’re talking about your waist. It’s easy to contribute love handles to an overindulgence in sweets or loads of stress (especially around holiday time). However, that extra padding may need more than a cardio session to shape up and ship out. When additional weight is present, inflammatory chemicals are produced. They may appear in the form of a muffin top, or a beer belly, but most likely, they’ve got hidden consequences as well, such as compromised knees or other achy joints.

Exhaustion and Fogginess

If you are experiencing mood swings, depression, brain fog, or fatigue you just can’t seem to shake, inflammation could be the culprit.



Not all of us are fans of vinyasas and downward dogs, but there are some helpful yoga basics out there for anyone and everyone. When it comes to reducing inflammation, there’s nothing like a good stretch to get your blood going. Yoga is known not only for it’s relaxing, meditative attributes, but it’s genius ability to encourage blood flow, which in turn brings oxygen to the brain. You’ll feel more awake, and your joints will thank you.

Check out these poses for some entry level flexing!


Fruits and veggies are the original anti-inflammatory. While juicing should be done in moderation (too much of a good thing can be counter-productive), there are endless ways to mix and match your favorites into nutrient-packed inflammation fighters.

Try integrating detox friendly ingredients such as ginger, lemon or goji berries with powerful anti-inflammatory components like beets, cayenne and parsley to start your morning, or to enjoy mid-day. These and other superfoods are not only known to help fight arthritis, bloating, joint discomfort and early signs of deterioration, but your gut will thank you! Win win win.


Curcumin is a strong antioxidant useful for fighting inflammation. For trace amounts, you can use turmeric in your cooking, or even hot tea, but if curry flavor isn’t your thing, curcumin comes in capsule form.

This makes for a great alternative to ibuprofen, without the potential side effects. While there’s a time and place for drugstore solutions, curcumin has other health benefits that are longer lasting, instead of a band aid effect. Make sure to follow the instructions for appropriate dosage.

Talk With Your Doctor

Still not experiencing relief? Time to check with your physician. While anti-inflammatory foods, supplements and workout measures are a huge help, they aren’t a fix all. Make an appointment with your physician for a full physical to rule out any major issues, and find the healing solution best for you!


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