Make Time for Fitness - Even in the Holiday Bustle!

It’s hard to stick to a workout regimen during a the hectic holidays! Between social events, everyday life and all that shopping, it’s easy to neglect yourself. Here are quick and easy ways to make time for your body’s continued fitness even during the busiest season!

Commute Differently

Ditch your car if you can! Are you close enough to your place of work to walk or bike? Then do so! If you’re kind of close, but still a bit of a stretch, then leave your car a block or so away from the office and stretch your legs the remaining distance. Incentivize yourself with stopping at your favorite coffee shop on the way in!

Knock it Out Early

Get your work out in first thing in the morning. This is especially helpful if you tend to get distracted doing chores, making phone calls, catching up on your television shows or prepping dinner when you get home. Set your alarm an hour or so earlier (whatever you need) to get a yoga or cardio session in, have breakfast and shower. You’ll feel way more energized than when you stumble from your mattress to the car.

Take a Break

Use your lunch hour to take a walk or hit up the gym. It’s easier to gain weight and eat poorly when you sit at a desk day in and out - so do your figure a favor and leave the office. If you find yourself stuck on a long call one day - walk around instead of sitting down. Who said you can’t exercise while you listen in on that webinar?

Bring the Little Ones

If your child (or children) are stroller-size, you can load them up, hand them something to play with and be on your way! They get fresh air, you get extra resistance on your jog! Win-win.


If you’re walking around the neighborhood or on the treadmill, hold light dumbbells and perform some arm exercises at the same time. This will help sculpt your upper body while getting your heart pumping.

Invite Others Along

Instead of happy hour with your friends, how about side by side ellipticals at the gym, group volleyball, or some other outdoor activity? After all, it’s not exactly snowing in Florida.

Make the Most of Couch Time

No reason you can’t do squats, calf raises, sit ups and the like while watching all your recorded entertainment. Make some space in the living room where you can lay down a mat if needed, quickly access your dumbbells and resistance bands and try some moves that will be highly effective without interfering with the plot.


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